Mask outer ear-loop welding machine

Mask outer ear-loop welding machine

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Ultrasonic Mask outer ear-loop welding machine working principle:

Mask outer ear-loop welding machine: weld the ear-loop (elastic band) to the sides of mask blank with ultrasonic technology, then finished the whole processing of outside mask blank, need only one operator to put the mask blank onto the jigs, the remaining will be finished by the machine automatically, the productivity of this machine will be higher than other outside ear-loop welding machines.

Alias: face mask machine, auto mask ear-loop welding machine, ultrasonic mask machine, face mask welding machine, disposable non-woven mask machine, non-woven mask machine, ear-loop welding machine, N95 mask machine, FFP2 mask machine and etc.

Technical Data of Mask Outer Ear-loop Welding Machine:

1. Model No.: NK-UMM03

2. Size: 2646(L)*620(W)*1750(H)MM

3. Voltage: 220V/380V

4. Productivity: 45~55 pcs/min

5. Air pressure: 6 kg/cm2

6. Power consumption: 3 KW

7. The size of mask blank must been fixed

Features and Functions of Mask Outer Ear-loop Welding Machine

1. Compact and smart design, small in size, which will be space saving;

2. Mitsubishi PLC control, with high stability and lower error rate

3. Adopt high grade Aluminum alloy structure, carefully produced by CNC machining center, beautiful in appearance and rust-proof

4. Taiwan ultrasonic system, high-quality photoelectric detection, stable performance, lower error rate

5. Adopt titanium alloy mould, durable and wear proof, ear-loop weld strength is better and adjustable

Working procedure of Mask Outer Ear-loop Welding Machine

Workflow: (mask blank) manual feeding→auto elastic band feeding→elastic band cutting → elastic band welding → counting → finished products collecting (pile up) → conveyor transferring

Details of Mask Outer Ear-loop Welding Machine

Control panel: Mitsubishi PLC program control, both Chinese and English Displaying ; the control procedure of this machine was developed by ourselves and after repeated testing which will ensure the high precision and high stability working.

Era-loop weld: adopt high quality press device, avoid deviate, adopt titanium alloy welding head, durable, and excellent welding effect.


material quality: adopt imported high-quality steel and aluminum concentrate , precision processing by CNC, look beautiful, and more durable.

Mask blank feeding: precision limiting according to the exact size of the mask blank which will ensure the mask blanks won’t occur line deflection during the processing and ensure the beautiful appearance of the finished products.

South NK carried out in technology cooperation with the German KSZ, Germany expert group core technology explain, workshop living guidance


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