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2009-9-14 :: Questions about Mechanical Punching(Leather Punching) Machine(The First)

What’s the use of Mechanical Punching (Leather Punching) Machine?

Mechanical Leather Punching Machine is mainly used for the punching processing of leather, cattle or sheep hides, artificial leather, plastic, PU, EVA, PVC, and kinds of fabric, paper, leather decorations, vamp, logo patch, curtain, automobile leather chair etc., can punch complex patterns on automobile fittings (air cushion), luggage and handbags, shoes, breathable materials, stationery, advertising papers etc...

Working principle of Mechanical Leather Punching Machine

The working principle of this Mechanical Leather Punching Machines is mechanical stamping, Using the spinning of the crankshaft radius to achieve reciprocating mechanical motion, then form the function of mechanical stamping.

Merits of Mechanical Leather Punching Machine

1. Efficient production, high speed, which is suitable for mass production.

2. Varieties and beautiful patterns can be punched with this machine.

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