Converter is an energy conversion device, need many parameters for its performance description and evaluate. details  
Regarding ultrasonic plastic products welding, there are three key factors which will affect the final welding effect: 1. Products Material 2. Design of welding line 3. Design of welding products details  
Ultrasonic Embossing Machine is suitable for sewing, welding, laminating and embossing synthetic fiber material. Processing without needle and thread, final products can be water tightness section without rough selvedge and smooth. details  
Clean Wiper Cutting Machine from South Nekon is special for production of dust-free clean wiper, use the heating generated by the vibration of ultrasonic to melt the material together with the high pressure, this sewing technical can get soft and beautiful welding lines, and can also cut down the cost because of threadless. details  
Auto rotary welding machine adopts touch screen for operation, distinct function and easy adjustment, has both Chinese and English displaying, independent developed control system which performs very well in capacity of resisting disturbance, the accuracy can reach 0.01 seconds. details  
South Nekon offers comprehensive ranges of ultrasonic embossing machine that are designed as per the market demand and these ultrasonic embossing machine are made up of superlative raw materials that make them ideal for various industrial uses details  
Reflective sheeting are widely used, the surface requires a variety of embossed, embossed patterns,to make reflective film be more beautiful, Reflective sheeting embossing devices include: ultrasonic embossing machine, ultrasonic reflective film embossing, ultrasonic principle, through change the mold, to change the pattern shape. details  
Bonding processing with the ultrasonic quilting machine without radiant heat that would melt material and fibers outside the bonding pattern.Materials remain soft and retain air permeability. details  
Strong ultrasonic power with three adjustable gears (maximum, medium and minimum), meets the welding requirements of different materials and thicknesses details  
Hot-fix machine principles: actually it is use the principle of ultrasonic vibration friction and heat,make the man-made glass diamond by high temperature melting hot melt adhesive in an instant details