Ultrasonic Ribbon Cutting Machine(NK-CJQ1526A)

Ultrasonic Ribbon Cutting Machine(NK-CJQ1526A)

Dongguan City South Nekon ultrasonic Machinery Co. Ltd, owned by South Nekon group, is a well-known manufacturer which specialized in research & development, producing and sales of ultrasonic machinery. And the Ultrasonic Cutting& Slitting Department is mainly for auto ultrasonic ribbon cutting machines, cutting machines, punching and cutting machines, elastic band cutting machines, ultrasonic slitting machines, trade mark slitting machines, semi-auto cutting machines and so on; it can also make special cutting & slitting machines according to customers’ special requirements. We will offer you high quality products with strength of our company and R&D team, well after-sales service which will assure your using of our machines.


Technical Data of ribbon cutting machine:


Model: NK-CJQ1526A
Supply: AC220V-240V/ 50-60Hz
Power: 1500W
Frequency: 20KHZ
Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mps
Capacity: 60~90 pcs/min
Weight: 125kg
Dimension: 800mm×600mm×1350mm (L x W x H)


Features & Functions of ribbon cutting machine:


1.Japan imported NTK transducers with strong output power and stable performance;

2.Double column structure which keeps the pressure in level and fixed to promise a more steady working performance;

3.Low noise with a frequency of 20KHz;

4.PLC control, easy and visualized operation;

5.Free adjustable length and speed from 1~9999mm;

6.With a Acrylic protective cover; safe and better visibility;


7.Rotary cutters rest; adjustable knives in free direction;

8.Easy cutting mould changing and fixing;

9.High precision, smart and reasonable design, also with beautiful appearance;


Working Features of ribbon cutting machine:


High Speed—can reach max 100 times per minutes; 
Visualized Operation—PLC touch screen; real- time display and auto count;
High Quality- Auto sealing, without burned, black or loose edge;
Economical & Practical – auto cutting, labor saving, one worker can operate more than one machine at the same time


Cutting blade of ultrasonic ribbon cutting machine:





Ultrasonic ribbon cutting machine is be widely used to industries such as garments, caps and shoes manufacturing, artwork ornaments and packages etc.
Suitable for cutting of ribbon, fabric taps/tape, woven belts, Velcro, rope, brand, braid, riband, mesh belt, pull bow, webbing and so on.



 Customer usage scenario: