Rotary Cup Face Mask Machine (NK-CMM02)

Rotary Cup Face Mask Machine (NK-CMM02)

China large-scale mask machines manufacture, professional supplier of automatic ultrasonic mask machines including: surgical face mask machines, N95 mask machines, cup mask machines, bow type mask machines, duckbill mask machines, disposable respirators, dustproof mask machines and so on; the equipments are hot selling both domestic and overseas, and gaining highly reputation in the industries.

Machine Working Principle of rotary cup mask machines:

Rotary cup face mask edge welding and cutting machine, uses ultrasonic welding and auto sealing after cutting, mainly used for the edge welding and cutting processing in cup type face masks production, melted the two independent processing edge welding and edge cutting creatively compared with the traditional way, multi working position turntable, with both welding and cutting device which will work at the same time, with PLC control and touch screen, convenient and easy for operating, each machine need only one worker with feeding and pick up the finished products, can greatly saves labor cost, and improves the production efficiency and makes the production of cup type face mask more easy.

Simple Operating Instruction:


Technical Data:

Model No.: NK-CMM02

Supply Power: 220V,50/60HZ

Dimension: 800 x 1120 x 1750mm

Weight: 300KGS

Output Power: 4200 W

Air Pressure: 6 kg/cm2

Productivity: 8~10 pcs/min

Features and Function:

Rotary cup type face mask edge welding and cutting machine, gains a high reputation in its industry and have many advanced designs which are leading the industry levels:

1.National Patent Products, Auto Leveling Device:

Auto leveling and adjusting device: the creative use of automatic leveling device makes the operation of the level adjusting a very easy thing: you don’t need the workers any more, the machine will finish it itself, greatly simplifying the difficulty of use. Right because of this device, this machine has gained the National Patent of China, the patent no. is 201020143167.0 , name: multi working position auto leveling ultrasonic welding and cutting equipment, this is the first national patent gained device in ultrasonic face mask machine industry.


2.Gantry Structure, Better Cutting Effect: In ultrasonic cup type face mask production industry, most of rotary cup face mask edge welding and cutting machine are being designed to fission type structure except Nekon machinery adopts the gantry one, this structure can withdraw much more power between the processing of the cutting which will make the cutting effect better, the finished products will be more beautiful.

3.Multi Working Position, Safer Operating:

Rotary multistage structural, avoid the operating directly under welding and cutting moulds which can offer more protection to the operators, can effectively reduce the industrial injury accident rates.

4.Titanium Alloy Moulds(Selective), Longer Service Life:

While most of the cup type face mask machines manufacturer offer the aluminum alloy moulds/die, we offer and suggest the factories to choose the titanium alloy moulds/die, because compared with the shortcoming of the aluminum alloy mould/dies: easy oxidation, easy blowout, not suitable for long time use on operation, short using life, the advantage of the titanium alloy moulds/dies are very evident:

A. Toughness, suitable for long hair vibration,

B. Better thermal conductivity and ultra-sonic transferring guaranteed the product of welding and cutting effect more beautiful,

C. Strong hardness, durable from craze, deformation and rust,

D. Although the costs will be 10 times than aluminum alloy moulds, but considering from the production benefits titanium alloy moulds/die will be a much better choice.

REMARK: We match aluminum moulds as standard configuration, but to better finished products, we suggest you to choose separate titanium moulds.

Details of titanium alloy moulds/die and finished products:


REMARK: Mould/die shapes will be designed according to requirements.

5. Edge Welding and Cutting At The Same Time, More Accurate Positioning:

Different from the separately welding and cutting processing, this cup type face mask edge cutting and welding machine will finish these two processing at the same machine, so you do not need to adjust the cutting position after the welding position which guaranteed more accurate position, thus the trimming of the face masks will be more even, and the finished products will be more beautiful.

6. PLC control system and touch screen which are more convenient for operating.


Assembling and Delivery:


CE Certificate:


Details of Cup Type Face mask Production Line:

Details of Cup Type Face mask Production Line