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Service Policy

SouthNekon's Service Policy

You will enjoy the following services once buy our company products


    1. Warranty period: We promise that the three-pack period calculated from the date of delivery of the equipment, machine warranty will take up to one year, the computer warranty will pick up for 2 years, and the equipment will appear outside the misuse and consumables during the warranty period. The problem was repaired or replaced by us without compensation. However, if the damage is caused by the use of the customer, the spare parts and charges will be settled according to the actual cost. We will not charge the service fee, but the customer shall bear the travel expenses of the seller.

    2. Unit commissioning: The staff assigned by the seller is responsible for commissioning.

    3. Quality assurance: According to the technical agreement requirements and industry standards, to ensure the reliability and production speed.

    4. Customer service: The seller promised that any faults occurred during the normal use of the equipment within the warranty period, the seller shall reply within 4 hours after receiving the service consultation telephone and provide maintenance technical guidance. If the problem cannot be solved through remote guidance, The seller shall send a person to the scene within 24 hours from the date of the buyer’s notice to resolve it (but if the seller is on a long journey, the time limit may be extended after obtaining the buyer’s consent), and the general failure will be repaired with customer’s requirement. When the two parties confirm that they are special faults, they must be repaired within the time limit confirmed by both parties.






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