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Company Culture

    Motto of South Nekon:

       Mission: Dedicated to the research and production of ultrasonic machinery equipment, to satisfied customers with superior products and services, and improve the quality of employee’s life.

       Vision: Building a hundred-year South Nekon to be an international brand name.

   Character: Honesty and integrity.

  Spirit: Honor, dedication, innovation, and efficiency.

  Style: Strict, vigorous and resolute.

  Quality Concept: Quality cannot make a company prosperous and glory, but it can make a company lose money.

  Scientific and technological purposes: Technology hatches out industry, original products guarantee of superiority, scientific and technological service humanity;

  Marketing concept: technology leads the market, speed preservation technology;

  Brand concept: core value of brand - it is the unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and high quality

  Internationalization concept: internationalization of thinking, internationalization of brand, internationalization of competitiveness

  Service tenet: customer is the first, fair to service

  Service Commitment: A Hundred-year reputation is from a-day promise.


  Core Values: Honest, Integrity, Pragmatic, and Upward.

  "Creating Perfection and Serving the Society" is the core value concept of the South Nekon , and is the highest standard of all business activities in the South Nekon. We are committed to revitalizing the national industry, and we have high sense of social responsibility and mission. We strive to serve the society to repay the society and establish ourselves in society.

  "Creating perfection" includes creating perfect products, perfect service, and perfect life.

  "Serving the society" is the ultimate goal of the South Nekon.



  Enterprises belong to employees, and the rise or fall of South Nekon is closely related to the vital of each employee.

  The factory prospered me and the factory lost my shame. Only after our company was strong, can employees continuously improve their material life and enhance their spiritual quality.





地址:Zengwu Industrial Area,Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guandong Province, China