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Talent Concept

 SouthNekon Talent Concept

   The SouthNekon adheres to the principle of “People-oriented, the best people and only do their best” and the talent competition mechanism of “The ability of the people to take office, the mediocre concession, the inability to step down “Love talents, reuse talents, cultivate talents” and many more talent strategy. To become a passion and rapid execution SouthNekon people, with wolf spirit of teamwork.


   Efforts to cultivate a learning organization is one of the important strategies for the development of South Korea


     The aim of SouthNekon’s personnel training is professional management and technology promotion in the future. Based on the company, employees, and talents, it is committed to the promotion of the company's staff ability and quality, and also allows individuals to be promoted to gain greater room for development. In order to help new employees adapt to the culture of the company as soon as possible, the training of the new employees in the SouthNekon covers various aspects such as corporate culture, product knowledge, marketing skills, and product development standards. Different vocational qualifications, levels, and types of employees will have different training programs to provide powerful assistance for each employee's career development. SouthNekon has a well-established on-the-job training and talent development program, which includes governance, technology, and qualifications for promotion.






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