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Company Advantages

SouthNekon advantage

1. The product's structure design of South Nekon is strong, and the overall machine is magnificent;

2. All products of South Nekon are used high-precision, low-resistance linear slides, which are fast and stable, with little shaking and high accuracy.

3. It uses of high-speed movement within the mold to shorten the production cycle, and with low-speed up & down outside mold to reduce arm vibration and improve operator safety.

4. All the valve difference are sealed by the electric box to reduce the erosion of dust on the valve and will not cause the valve to jam;

5. The motor is driven horizontally, the speed is steady, there is no impact and the air consumption is little;

6, Vacuum suction products using electronic detection switch monitoring, high sensitivity and stability;

7. The cylinder adopts the Japanese SMC brand, the accessories are clearly marked, the parts are universalized, and the subsequent maintenance cost is low;

8, Long maintenance, the whole machine warranty for 12 months, computer security for 24 months;

9. South Nekon was established in Hong Kong in 1998. It specializes in ultrasonic production, sales, and maintenance services. It set up a factory in Dongguan in 2002. It has more than ten years of old brands, with mature technology and a number of technical patents;

10. Quality and service are user-centered and prices are customer-centric.





地址:Zengwu Industrial Area,Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guandong Province, China