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Automatic Daily maintenance of Willow Mask Machine

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1, Automatic Willow Mask Machine power supply for 220V, 50/60hz,1phase to check the power supply voltage is consistent and stable, consistent and stable can be connected to the power supply, otherwise, easy to damage the power system, ultrasonic system and accident occurred!

2, Automatic Willow Mask machine to power up must always maintain a good grounding, to avoid leakage of people hurt!

3, dry or low temperature when the automatic Willow Mask Machine Part of the parts may be friction with the raw materials with static electricity, please pay attention to protection! 4, where the electrical, mechanical parts of the adjustment and maintenance must be assigned to the person responsible for, non-professionals are not allowed to move! When you wear materials, adjust parts, inspect or repair machines, you must stop!

Electrical part maintenance must be power off!

5, Automatic Willow mask machine electric box and ultrasonic system is not professional or maintenance personnel, do not open!

6, Automatic willow Mask machine pressure requirements in the 0.5p-0.6p, please do not below and above the pressure range to work!

7, Automatic willow Mask machine operation, please do not contact with electrical components, such as: ultrasonic electric box, vibrator (with high pressure, when demolition, please first discharge), welding head and so on!

8, Automatic Willow Mask Machine when the movement of mechanical parts, blades, scissors parts, cylinders, etc. please do not contact to avoid accidents! 9, Automatic Willow Mask machine in the replacement of ultrasonic system accessories must first detect and adjust the ultrasonic frequency to boot operation!

Otherwise it will cause the ultrasonic system and welding head damage!

10, belt, chain tightness weekly check 1 times, chain sprocket and other parts to periodically replace lubricants!

11, the Daily Boot sequence is: Check the gas source, equipment status, and then open the main power, followed by the ultrasonic system, shutdown should be turned off before the ultrasonic system and then turn off the main power!

12, Automatic Willow Mask machine reducer for each operation 1000 hours need to replace new lubricants!

13, full automatic willow mask when the captain of the time is not running, please apply antirust oil in the rust-resistant parts! The above is the Southern Force small series for you to tell the full automatic Willow Mask machine maintenance and precautions, I hope to help you.

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