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South Nekon successfully passed the deep certification of TUV Rheinland

This web news:
This web news:
  On March 10, 2018, Dongguan South Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the in-depth certification (in-field certification) of TUV Rheinland Germany. TUV Rheinland is a German product safety and quality certification organization, recognized by the German government. The inspection agency has a reputation of 125 years in Germany and Europe, and has a good reputation in the world's third-party inspection agencies, and has certain authority. Obtaining the production qualification of “Deep Certification” is of great significance to the enterprise. It can improve the product structure system of the enterprise itself, further improve the production facilities, increase the production capacity of the enterprise, improve the complete production and occupational health level, and enable the enterprise to obtain higher economic benefits. Social benefits; externally can further increase the competitiveness of enterprises, strengthen the establishment of industry credibility, optimize corporate image, and broaden the business market.
The following is a photo of Mr. Jiang and Mr. Li Jinluo of the South Nekon :


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