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What machine is the name mask used for?

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What machine mask is used to suture the trimming?

There is a mask on the market that sells very hot. It is a famous mask, also known as the "Harley mask"

Since the last May of this year, Dongguan South Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd. has designed a mask edge trimming machine for mask manufacturers. This machine should have many ultrasonic machinery manufacturers, but their machines do Can't use this mask, why?

South Nekon 4200W high-power reinforced plastic welding machine, making famous star masks.
This set of molds has been designed by the masters of the force processing department, CNC machining, heat treatment, and engraving machine carving. At present, there is no other company in the same industry that can make such molds;

If you plan to produce this mask, please pick up the phone and contact the sales manager of Southern Power Machinery.

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