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Mask machine equipment supplier teaches you about the new era mask new features

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Everyone knows the common functions of masks, and also knows the benefits of wearing masks, such as masks to prevent dust and smog, which is the basic function of masks.
In the new era, people's understanding and awareness of masks have increased to a new level. Because of the air, the mask industry has been on fire for more than a decade. Now, this momentum has not only weakened, but has expanded to more areas of use. Take everyone to understand, the new function of the new era mask:
New era masks can protect facial skin, and girls who love beauty can take a big mask to protect their necks.
Young, so nowadays more masks are blended with fashion elements;
People with oral diseases wear masks to better protect the respiratory tract, which is the protective function of the mask;
Wearing a mask can better protect itself, with a mask of PM2.5, which is the anti-epidemic function of medical masks;
The mask to be selected by the painter is a 3M mask with built-in activated carbon, which is a dustproof function of the industrial mask; in addition, the mask can also:
1, modify the face
Girls with round or square faces like to wear masks. The basic function of the mask itself is that by wearing a mask, it can cover some facial problems such as double chin and collapsed nose. Letting you reveal only a pair of charming eyes, it is more attractive.

2, anti-sun effect
Some women are very afraid of the sun, and now the summer is getting hotter and hotter. Sometimes the temperature can reach 40 degrees of high temperature. At this time, wearing a mask can prevent sun exposure.

3, just finished orthodontics

There are also some boys who love beauty. They are not born neatly. They choose to do orthodontics during the summer vacation. They usually see boys wearing glasses or masks indoors. Maybe they have just finished orthodontics.

4, cover the skin
More beautiful girls, acne or allergies on the face, do not like to let others see, so they will choose to wear a mask, not only can play a blocking role, but also prevent re-infection.

5. Air pollution
With the development of the economy, the air pollution in the city is getting more and more serious. The harmful substances such as automobile exhaust and smog will cause pollution damage to our lungs and skin. Therefore, whether it is traveling or commuting, it is ready to have a protective effect. The mask is very useful.

6. Ill
After a cold has become ill, whether it is going to work or class, it is easy to transmit the virus to others in densely populated areas. So many girls wear masks to avoid causing trouble for others.

7. Keep warm
In the winter, many people go out to go shopping or go to work, bring a mask, you can keep warm~
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